There will be puppies at Akiba this year! A lot of thought and planning goes into producing a litter and while you can expect several things from us as responsible breeders there are several things we will expect from you as the puppies new owner.

A contract is provided to protect the puppy, the purchaser and the breeder
You will be provided with a health record and the puppy will have up to date shots
All pet puppies will be sold on limited registration with a spay/neuter clause in the contract.
We will match puppies to the right homes by temperament testing so the best fit is found.
If for some reason, you cannot keep your pup, it must come back to us.
   You cannot sell, lease, or give away your dog to another party without prior approval from us.
We will assist you at no charge with grooming and training your puppy.
You cannot allow your puppy to roam free
You will provide a change of address should you move.
We have an email list where owners can chat & share stories we would be pleased if you would join.

If you are still interested in purchasing a puppy from Akiba click here to fill out our puppy questionnaire.

The owners of Petdogs-L have a great e-mail list where pet owners can share information.In addition they have an extensive web site the includes information on getting a dog; where to get a dog, why not to buy from a pet shop; how to recognize a reputable breeder and where to find them. They also cover how much puppies cost (and why).