Extended Family

These are just a few of the pictures sent by the happy families that share their lives with an Akiba Aussie. Once you adopt a puppy from Akiba your part of a big family. To read what these happy owners have to say about their dogs click here.

"Lacy" and "Vinny"

"Travis" St John

"Digger" and the Holman Children

"Luuka" Hendricks

"Sydney" & the Schell Children

"Mudgee" Putnam

"Sydney" & "Tazzie", Dawn Fisher & Daughter

"Digger" and the Elms Family       "Maggie Rose" & "Hillary" Kuhns

"Indy" Jefferson

"Buster" Gosselin                        "Trixie" & Bob Schwitzer

"Oscar" and "Aiko" Chornyak

"Marnie" Ejankowski

"Sharaz" DeBrujin

"Tisha" Folsom

"Sydney" Dalton

"Sydney" Warren

"Sydney" Warren

"Coco" Giannakopoulos

"Kaysee" Clerkin

"Charlie & Baby Jessica" Howe

                                        "Chief Sydney" Dues

"Tara Lee" Wolanski

"Sydney" Burke


"Dundee" Brock

"Hannah & Molly" Rankin

Rob & "Hannah" Rankin

  "Binkley" Solito

"Marlie" Magner

"Bodie" Parker

Belle & Max Murdock

Max Murdock on vacation!

Rosie in Finland

Shana McConnell