Here's what a few families have to say about their wonderful Aussie from Akiba!

read a letter written by one of my pups!

“The puppy is doing great. We all love her so much. She has made our home the happiest place. She is so full of life and energy. She bounds everywhere!!! I have never seen such a little dog hop so high. She's beautiful.” - Ruth Ejankowski

“We are really enjoying Redford. He has such a cute face and sweet disposition. That furry little face is very endearing.”

“He's the hit of the neighborhood. We can't walk the block without people stopping us about our dog. Those who have met him always rush over to meet and greet the dog. School has already started here and he loves to ride with the girls and see the kids at school. He's a friendly, terrific, healthy, sturdy, well-bred, fairly well-mannered Aussie with an exceptionally good disposition. We are really more than satisfied with our dog we're smug!” - Mindy Taylor

“Our little darling, is just wonderful and has really captured the entire neighborhood's attention, with her winning personality. Even my husband who never really had a pet that he bonded with is just taken with her. I think the final straw is that COCO has taken to sitting on my husbands feet anytime he sits down. She is simply irresistable.” - Linda Giannakopoulos

“She is a love! We have had so much fun just watching her . She is so smart, if you tell her "No" she will stop, not for long but long enough to distract her to something else. I'm going to start her in Puppy Kindergarten when she is 16 weeks old.” - Beverly Debruijn

“Hope all is well with you and your dogs. We named our pup, Kaysee. She is adorable, smart, very fast and devilish. She make us laugh at the things she does. She is house trained and enjoys sleeping with us each night. She does everything with us, since she doesn't miss a trick. She seems to be fearless.” - Candy Clerkin

“Dear mother Janet,
You would not believe the life I am living down here. I have these two completely wrapped around by little paw. It is getting plumb embarrassing. I sorta hate to go the Vet because they all make over me so. Words like "adorable" "precious", etc. are getting a little stilted but in a way I enjoy it. People walking by the nature trail bordering our house stop and stare and sometimes to talk and play but they, too, just seem taken with me. Of course, you know how I love people anyway.” - John Brock

“Well what a fun day!! Hannah slept most of the way . She was really good for a 9 week old puppy on an 8 1/2 hr ride home. We introduced her to Molly when we arrived. Molly was not interested and went as far as to ignore for the first hour we were home. I had to give Molly a bath and then after that she seemed more like herself and started putting her butt in the air and playing with Hannah. It is fun to watch them - Hannah is submissive to Molly.”

“We certainly enjoyed meeting you. Your dogs are just beautiful and so well loved. I will keep in touch on our progress with baby Hannah. She has already learned to go up a step in the backyard And, she walks on her little leash. She is so prissy.” - Patricia Rankin

“Here's what our beautiful 1 1/2 year old Aussie Terrier, Larry, has been up to:

Larry is learning to be very obedient and we will try to get a "leg" in Novice Competition obedience in October. He has many things that he likes to do. He loves to play, swim, play, take walks, play, eat dinner, play, help mom clean house, play, go on Seadoo rides, play, chase lizards and squirrels, and play. When he goes to school, he is very serious and he also does very well at agility. People tell me that he is doing very well for his age! The truth is we never planned on going to school so long. He's been very, very active since the very day we got him at 8 weeks old and we needed to contain that energy.

He does get into trouble!!! He recently swam 100 foot out into the lake - AND we have an alligator hanging around here. Now we have an Invisible Fence. He got into some talcum powder in one of the guest bedrooms - need I say more? He has always been a thief and loves to help with the laundry and runs off with socks (BUT as he is getting older he is bringing them back when you ask him to!) He is always on top of things he shouldn't be on top of! Why are there dog nose prints on the window over the kitchen table?

Larry is very comical. He makes us laugh. He thinks very hard about things he wants and approaches things very logically. He is very smart.

He is definitely a man's dog - boo hoo, he was supposed to be mine, but he has bonded deeply with my husband and waits by the door every night for him. He would leave with every male worker that comes to the house.

Thank you, Janet! (And, no, we aren't ready for another one! We still have our 13 year old pound dog, who Larry does battle with everyday.)" - Sharon Astleford

"I've been blessed to have Tess come and live with me and Tuff. She is with me constantly. I frequently catch her just sort of staring at me. I don't know if she had ever been on an airplane before she came to live with me, but when I picked her up at the Cleveland airport a little over 2 years ago it was instant bonding. I have just recently retired and both dogs are enjoying the company and extra walks. She is up here with me as I sit at the computer." - Carol Peffer

"Wow, I could write a book about how wonderful it is to have this little dog in my sent her as "Chloe" and she is now "Willow" and a real joy to my life. I am so glad that I really learned and questioned to know the breed first and it has turned out to be a great fit. She is perpetual good mood and positive thinking mixed with enthusiasm. Her sweet nature captures most people that we meet and they are all curious to know more about her."

"We are happy campers you could say." - Leslee Howard